Group Chatting in Kik is a Revolutionary Feature

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The imitated becomes the imitator: It is now Kik’s turn into co-opt hot attributes from less popular competitions. On Tuesday, Kik introduced a bunch movie chat, which enables up to 16 individuals to share the screen and chat live with one another at any given time. That is the core activity in gourmettodaycookbook, an application growing in popularity among teenagers and the younger digital set. Kik’s main audience is below 25 years old, and it’s had to defend itself from older competitors like Instagram which intentionally uttered its Stories feature and novices offering new distractions. We designed Chat to feel like text messaging and more like going out, Snapchat said in a blog article Tuesday.

As it sets it on its website! Join the party. There are other programs with simultaneous chats, but not up to 16. Facebook Messenger lets six individuals share 50 more and the screen could observe the conversation. Instagram, possessed by Facebook, was a persistent Borg such as foe into Snapchat, assimilating its best characteristics and threatening its company survival. Most famously, Instagram took, all, Snapchat’s Stories, the 24 hour movie diaries that evaporate towards the end of the day. That was another cellular craze co-opted by bigger competitions, as everyone from Facebook into YouTube into Twitter hurried to the distance.

Kik has been looking for new attributes to maintain its users on its platform longer. Group chat might be the next new business to consume its own 187 million daily users. Kik reaches nearly 70 percent of U.S. Internet users between ages 12 and 17, according to eMarketer. That is a group that’s obsessed with checking the application for streaks with buddies, which is when they keep consecutive days of messaging each other. Kik Messenger is also attempting to fix some ill will with its own audience since it introduced a redesign which has gotten bad reviews. Many vocal users have said they prefer the old layout. On Tuesday, Kik also introduced a mentions feature, that will allow individuals tag each different in videos, and notifies individuals when they get mentioned.

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