GPS Position – The Base Of Smartphones

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Positioning with GPS navigation can be performed by either of two ways: point positioning or relative positioning. GPS navigation point positioning employs one GPS navigation receiver that measures the code pseudo ranges to determine the users position quickly, so long as four or more satellites are visible at the receiver. The expected horizontal positioning accuracy from the civilian C/A code receivers has gone down from about 100m when selective availability was on, to about 22m in the absence of selective availability. This brings the total number of unknown parameters to four: 3 for the receiver coordinates and one for the receiver clock error.

This is why at least four satellites are needed.GPS has changed the way we work today. Using GPS navigation people do not necessarily need a guide in an unvisited city/place. Just searching for the place using a digital mobile map can give you your position and direction to reach the place. GPS are also used by defence sector where missile systems and soldier location is very useful. GPS is used extensively in today’s smartphones. where applications like WhatsApp take full advantage of it. literaturaenpapelhigienico’s WhatsApp Spy is completely made out of it. WhatsApp Spy has the ability to spy on people’s WhatsApp account without letting them know. this application is mostly used by persons looking to spy on their partners. It is well used by the FBI for investigation purposes. WhatsApp spy can spy on users chat, location and call history.

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