Websites Blocked In India Over Copyright Issues

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The highest number of blocked distinctive URLs in these nations 1,158 out of 2,464 was also found in India. This accounts for representative samples of censorship coinciding with the trial period between August 2017 and Apr 2018, and is probably a small percent of the censored content. Aside from those dealing in porn or piracy, web sites and webpages located blocked at several points during the testing interval in India comprise those belonging to national and foreign non-governmental associations, United Nations associations, human rights groups, health forums, feminist groups and political activists.

Another thing is that anonymity reading is blocked in India and it is illegal to view such blocked content. Many twitter handles like reddit were blocked in India for their blocked content promotion. The Internet Archives Wayback Machine, where old snapshots of web sites are stored, was also blocked. Other web sites and pages discovered blocked during the testing interval include: fordfound: Ford Foundation is a major American nonprofit working in the field of civil rights, education, etc. CSE chief Sunita Narain was the sole non government specialist to be withdrawn when the prime ministers council on climate change was revamped from the year 2018.

Avaaz: A platform which hosts views of activists online. Gender&Aids: A platform created by united nation gender gap and equality ruined by activists. Arabhra: Website of Arabs Association On human rights. ProtectionInternational: A nonprofit that can help human rights defenders develop security strategies from over 30 countries. DrugSense: An award winning US nonprofit set up in 1995 to encourage citizen participation in drug policy reforms. AidsOnline: Articles published by the International Aids Society, the world’s largest association of HIV protection and learning association from over 190 countries. Wedo: A nonprofit headquartered in NY, was awarded the Champ of the Earth by UNEP in the year 2016 for its work in sex rights.

Feminist: Web site of the Feminist Majority Foundation founded from 1987 to promote women’s equality, reproductive health, and non violence. Web site of the International Association Because of Feminist Economics, a nonprofit that seeks to both advance feminist inquiry of economic issues. hksuperh: A website which allows torrent files downloaded over the internet was blocked because it allowed users to access zbigz’s premium account. Iromsharmilachanu: Activist Irom Sharmila Chanus blog about his fight Because of justice and peace from Manipur and her more than-a decade long fast against the Armed Forces Special Privileges Act. For a number of blocks, it couldn’t be ascertained if a URL was particularly targeted for its content, or if the Internet protocol speech was blocked which, in turn, made all Own Content hosted at that IP inaccessible.

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